The foodservice specialists at Richmart have over 28 years of experience equipping successful and profitable restaurants and foodservice facilities.

From coffee bars to concession stands, from quick serve restaurants to country club kitchens, our foodservice specialists have worked with every type of foodservice operation.

Find the best and largest selection of foodservice equipment at Richmart!
Let us assist you in selecting the best commercial refrigeration equipment for your foodservice project.

Refrigeration Equipment

When selecting refrigeration equipment for a project we look at performance, reliability, energy efficiency, serviceability and cost of ownership. After all, a bargain on price means very little if you lose product, experience down time or have to replace a unit prematurely.

We will select equipment that you can rely on to keep product at the correct temperatures, keep your energy bills at a minimum and provide consistent performance for years.


Modern chefs are looking for more than power in their cooking equipment. They are looking for performance paired with energy efficiency, reliability paired with low overall cost of ownership.

We will select the right commercial cooking equipment to fit your budget and provide reliable performance at a low cost of ownership.

Let us assist you in selecting the best commercial cooking equipment for your foodservice project.
Let us assist you in selecting the best small commercial appliances for your foodservice project.

Small Appliances

In a commercial foodservice application, small appliances play a vital role. From microwaves to mixers, chefs count on their appliances to perform.

We will select cost-effective and high quality small appliances for your foodservice application.


When choosing a commercial dishwasher for a foodservice applications, one must consider the capacity, cleaning ability, reliability and energy efficiency - that will impact the long term cost of ownership.

We have a great selection of dishwashers - from undercounter to conveyor machines - that perform wonderfully while keeping energy and water costs at a minimum.

Let us assist you in selecting the best commercial dishwasher for your foodservice project.
Let us assist you in designing the best in custom commercial foodservice equipment and millwork for your foodservice facility.


Sometimes standard equipment won't work. Sometimes you want something unique, to stand out among competitors. That's when you need a custom equipment piece, specifically designed for your foodservice project.

Whether it's a custom stainless steel cooking island or a custom designed millwork counter or bar, we will provide you with exactly what you need.

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